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on Wat That [1]Guest House in Luang Prabang. Ban Wat That is a district of Luang Prabang, a city classified by UNESCO world heritage in 1995.

Luang Prabang is formed by ban (villages) juxtaposed without visible boundaries between them. Each ban has its more or less imposing pagoda, it depends on the prosperity of the village, and is the center of social activity. Our pagoda is not small at all.

Ban Wat That is a district inhabited by jewelers who specialize in manufacturing and other coups of silver that Lao women hold, loaded with offerings in their arms to get to the pagoda, or they would used to provide offerings to the monks during their morning rounds.

pagode We are two steps from :
- The Mekong river where you can watch the sunset when the weather is nice;
- Wat That (picture above ) that you can visit.
- Place Kayson Phomvihane, where there are water jets (Nam Phou in Lao)
The night market which starts at dusk is a few hundred yards away.
Post Office is just before the night market.

foto We propose a simple but stylish accommodation in two traditional Lao home with veranda on both coasts.
The small one has three double bedrooms, the large one six. All are equipped with WIFI, air conditioning, shower and WC inside. You also have television in the big house. The building and all facilities have been renovated. The floor is parquet. The veranda is a place for relaxation, discussion, coffee, etc..
The environment is peaceful, calm sooth your nights.

foto We also make custom clothes in the little shop Mala Dressmaker on ground floor (above), we arrange the small defects, repair what you want.
Both houses are hold by the family Philaphuangphet who will receive you with lao simplicity.

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There are more photos on our second site of Wat That Guest House

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Notes :
[1]. "Wat" means "pagoda", and "That" "stupa". Pictured above, in the foreground is the pagoda, and stupa in the background the tower all gray

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